Arrrr matey! Our winning pirate themed trunk or treat!

Every year, my daughter’s school holds an amazing trunk or treat event for Halloween.  This is the first year I have remembered to NOT schedule a session so I could participate.  My husband took our daughter last year, so I was trying to pick his brain for our trunk theme.  As soon as he said, “we probably won’t win” it was GAME ON.

I was able to put this together in just a few hours the day before the event.  It was so easy to do!

Materials for ship:  3 large moving boxes from Home Depot, black duct tape, 3 rolls of wood grain contact paper, 2 sheets of tissue paper, spray adhesive

Construction of the ship:  basically, I cut open the seam of each box, opened them out on the floor side by side and taped them together.  Sprayed adhesive and rolled out the contact paper.  I cut out window panes and outlined it with the black duct tape.  I finished it off by cutting away some of the cardboard to shape it into a ship.

Materials for mast:  pvc pipe, rope, hot glue, old curtain rod, 1 yard of fabric

Construction of mast:  I hot glued the rope around the pvc pipe.  I wrapped some of the rope around the curtain rod to hold it to the pipe.  The fabrics ends were tied onto the curtain rod.  Plastic skull stuck on top of pvc.  We decided it was better to just sit the mast in the trunk instead of trying to secure it to the ship.

We finished everything off by spray painting a styrofoam cooler brown as our treasure chest.  We didn’t have access to an electrical outlet but lighting can really transform anything at night.  We used a converter plugged into the lighter outlet in the car and plugged a LightShow projection light into that.  We ran it for 4 hours on my car battery and it didn’t come anywhere close to draining my battery.


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