Growing Things – This Mountain Life- Harpers Ferry Lifestyle Photographer

We moved to a mountain.
First of all, I am a city/beach girl. Maybe it’s an elevation thing, but I like being near sea level. Somehow, my husband convinced me this would be an awesome move for us. It could have been the five or six vineyards within 5 miles of the house that convinced me. I have to admit, the first 3 months of summer and fall living were so much fun. We went tubing on the river with friends, and we also found an incredible distillery called Sweet Shine that makes their own limoncello among several other amazing libations.  On cooler fall days, my daughter and I would take walks along the river in historic Harpers Ferry and go horseback riding.

And then it all went to hell when the winter of 2014 descended upon us. I officially hate winter. I really officially hate winter living on a mountain. So I’ve decided I am done with winter and I’m embracing spring. Wait till I share images of the killer garden I have planned. I’m going to be begging people to take some of the bounty off my hands. I’m starting a few of the guys a little early so they are strong when it comes to planting time. Turns out, I don’t mind getting my hands a little dirty in the soil, even if I really prefer my toes in the sand.

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