The birthday girl wants a glamour shot |before & after’s | Washington DC photographer

This shot was taken on my living room floor, next to a window.  Our simple surrounding created something stunning.  It’s her birthday, and every year she picks the theme and I shoot it.  We finished up this shoot in about 2 minutes.  After the second shot, I showed her the back of the camera and said “we got it”.

dc fine art portrait photographer Nicole Barr


It may be the biased mother in me, but I do believe she is a naturally beautiful girl.  But with every portrait, there is a little work that goes into it, to complete the art.

I’m posting the before and after’s if you were interested in seeing how I transform my photos from the unprocessed raw images to the final polished image.


SOOC (straight out of the camera)-  I shoot all of my images in RAW, meaning they are completely stripped of any processing and color profiles.  This is not even what I see on the back of my camera.  The back of the camera shows you a rendering of the image with a camera profile applied.  But it does give you an idea of what your image could look like.


isabel 9th bday-sooc



After I applied toning.  I am attracted to the look of film shot on Kodak Portra 160.   I use this toning on almost all of my images.

isabel 9th bday-after toning



Final with retouching.  We are so blessed with dark under eye circles.  While she looks incredible here without any retouching, it is just not my style to not polish an image.  The toning and deep shadows to create the moody look we were going for over accentuated what was there.  I like to say I make you look like you on your best day.  I retouched under her eyes and took out a few stray hairs in her eyebrows.  I also helped clean up her lips.  They were so chapped and don’t normally look like that.

isabel 9th bday FINAL