Yesterday was my daughters first Communion. We went back and forth for MONTHS between dress choices. Just as much time was spent on what she should wear in her hair… a traditional communion veil and tiara, a mantilla veil, or a flower crown. Ultimately, the flower crown won, especially after we bought the dress. It […]

This shot was taken on my living room floor, next to a window.  Our simple surrounding created something stunning.  It’s her birthday, and every year she picks the theme and I shoot it.  We finished up this shoot in about 2 minutes.  After the second shot, I showed her the back of the camera and […]

I had a pretty crappy start to my week. For the past 3 years of living in our home “on the mountain”, we have owned 2 cars that fit perfectly in our garage.  My husband decided that we needed a big truck to haul things since we live in the woods.  He parked that big […]

I had the honor of photographing Amanda & Dan’s wedding in 2013, and it was so exciting to see them both again to celebrate their new home and photograph them just a few months ago. The house is awesome, and I had a beautiful backyard to work with as our backdrop.  The wood plank wall […]

My daughters birthday is coming up soon and being in the DIY spirit, I made her invitations.  As I was making them, I couldn’t help but think this would also make a great bridal show invitation.  They were so simple to make and I have gotten nothing but gushing compliments on them. Materials:  5×7 card […]