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My daughters birthday is coming up soon and being in the DIY spirit, I made her invitations.  As I was making them, I couldn’t help but think this would also make a great bridal show invitation.  They were so simple to make and I have gotten nothing but gushing compliments on them.


Materials:  5×7 card stock, martha stewart gel glue (with the circular applicator pad), and one or two coordinating colors of fine glitter


I made a simple design in photoshop for the text of the invite with all the important info.  I purposefully left a little extra room at the bottom for the glitter.


Holding the glue pen upright, blot it on the invite where you want to put your glitter dots.  If using two colors, only apply dots on the invite for the first color.


Sprinkle glitter on the areas where glue was applied.


Give it 15 minutes for the first set of glitter dots to dry.  For a bridal shower, I may have opted to only go with one color.  If using only one color, you will want to apply more dots.


Once the first set are dry to the touch you can apply the second color.  You can also overlap a few of the dots to add to the random pattern.


Let dry for at least 4 hours to set the glitter.  Tap any extra glitter off the cards before placing in the envelope so you don’t glitter bomb the guests!