Eastern Shore MD Senior Portraits | Anna| Ocean City

maryland beach ocean water sand pier senior portraits

This is Anna! Anna is the oldest daughter of my significant other. I’ve only known this girl since she was in the 9th grade, but she is someone who loves and lives to her fullest, and she makes you feel like she’s known you forever. Anna is the type of girl you hope your own daughters turn out to be like. She’s an empath type, like me. Can sense and feel emotions of others like they were her own experience. But she stands out from everyone because of her kindness and sensitivity and her sense of responsibility.

She’s also a great student! AP classes and dual enrollment at the community college. She’s a runner on the Cambridge South Dorchester Cross Country team, and on the Varsity Lacrosse team. And most recently part of homecoming court!

She also loves her family! I know that my boyfriend is incredibly proud of his oldest. His face lights up when he talks about her. And we can’t forget about all the animals between our two houses. Three dogs and a rabbit at home and her two bonus dogs at my house! She loves and takes special care of them all.

There are a lot of applications going out for college. Any one of them will be lucky to have her as a part of their school!

This is only the first part of our senior portraits. We are incredibly lucky to live close to the ocean. We have a few family trips lines up where we will take advantage for more senior portraits, and of course in our own home town!

Thanks for being one of my bonus daughters!! I love and adore you! We are so so proud of all of your accomplishments, but mostly because you are so so wonderful!